Quick and tasty!


Two new restaurants were opened together in the new trade center “ Tropa”.



      Now residents of Konkovo district  ​​will not break their mind, where they can eat quickly . Because two new restaurants were opened in the trade center- so loved by all the children- "McDonald's" and "Menza" for lovers of oriental cuisine.

     "McDonald's" is  a well-known fast food restaurant with burgers and fries. It is the largest and well-known brand around the world. This place exactly teenagers choose for hanging around and kids really love to celebrate their birthdays there. And for some of them , it is a convenient place to drink a cup of coffee in a cold day. Since 1955, "Zolotaya Arka" has become one of the most successful and most visited places in the world. In each country and in almost every city there is this fast food restaurant. And now the "McDonald's" has opened its doors for Konkovo residents!

     What about a place "Menza"? It is the new form of  town café with  pan-Asian cuisine. There are no borders between countries: Japan, Thailand, China and Vietnam - kitchens of all these countries are held  together in one area - in the territory of noodles. Each visitor combines his meal by himself: chooses sort of noodles, sauces, meat or fish, spicy or sweet. They have more than ten sorts of noodles- for each taste. But they didn’t limited to noodles, you can try sushi, traditional Thai soup and taste dimsams. Reasonable prices, tasty food and fast service are both in "McDonald's" and "Menza". "Menza" is a great place both for dates and for dinners with family.